You can’t change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction. -Jim Rohn.

Called a tradesman last week and scheduled some service for yesterday. I moved some appointments and stayed home to let him in. He didn’t show up. All day. Didn’t call. Didn’t respond to my messages. So I didn’t get the work done and wasted the day, getting more frustrated every hour.

You need a plan to succeed.

You need a plan to succeed.

This has happened to you, hasn’t it?

Hearing the story, you know the frustration and you have to ask: “How can a business run like that?” Don’t people know that there are competitors just waiting for our call? You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

Unfortunately, we’ve probably done it to our customers, as well. For whatever reasons, whatever excuses.

So how can a business avoid these issues? Well, we can all get better memories or just try harder, but the best way is to review our systems. Well defined systems in a business can identify standard procedures for common situations and put them on auto-pilot. Make an appointment with a customer, have a way to communicate with them automatically. Reminders in the cell phone, answering service to contact you about urgent calls, etc. The answers aren’t rocket science, but consistency requires solid systems to “systemize the routine”. Done well, that allows you to “humanize the exceptions” – allowing businesses to react to truly unique situations quickly.

Take an hour this month to consider how solid your systems are. Make this subject a topic for your Team meeting, ask a staff member to prepare a review and proposal on how your business can improve in this area. It can make a world of difference in your customer service.

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