Employee work is done once and gets paid back once. Business owner work pays you back long term. -Brad Sugars

When a person starts a new business, they do everything – sales, service, installation. And emptying the trash. But as a business grows and we add a Team, the lines get a bit blurred as to what the role of the owner should be. How can a business owner know if they are doing the right things?

Role of the Owner

Who’s work are you doing?

Brad’s quote is the test for answering this question. If the work you are doing is taking care of a customer order, serving a client, or doing any task that your company will invoice and be paid for, then you are doing Employee Work and it should be delegated to a Team member.

But if you are working on things that will grow the business, expand your market, generate more leads, develop your Team or save money, then you are doing Owner Work and you are doing what you need to do. You don’t invoice Owner Work – it grows the business and profit by generating more Employee Work.

Think about your day – how much time do you spend in Employee Work vs. Owner Work. How can you shift that balance? It’s all about leverage in doing more with less.

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