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Welcome to Instant Brochures, your do-it-yourself guide to creating brochures that get read, and then get the phone ringing.

Once you’ve been through this guide, you should know exactly how to put together powerful brochures that make your prospect want to take ACTION. More importantly, you’ll have a selection of new brochures to start testing.

You’ll discover that putting together a great brochure doesn’t take great writing skills, nor does it require any knowledge of graphic design. With a little bit of common sense and the info you’ll find in this guide, you’ll be able to create a killer brochure in no time, and it will WORK.

This guide isn’t about making brochures that look pretty and artistic - the type of brochures you’ll create as a result of this guide will SELL for you.

In my seminars, I’ve often advised people to burn their brochures altogether. I have actually demanded that one of the clients I was consulting directly with get rid of all of his brochures.

There was a good reason - most business owners and salespeople use brochures as a way
NOT to sell. Instead of doing the hard work and trying to close the sale on the spot, they just say ‘here, take one of our brochures’ and expect that the customer will come back.

As you’d know yourself, most customers never come back. They keep shopping around until someone gets motivated enough to actually sell them something. Often, this motivation comes from knowing that the face-to-face sale is the final contact - there are no brochures to fall back on. If the customer walks out, they’re gone for good.

Handing out a brochure is really a way of saying ‘I’m not sure how to win your business, but if I give you this, I can feel like I’ve tried my best, and that there is still a chance you’ll buy’.

In these circumstances, brochures SHOULD be burned.

Having said that, a brochure can work as a powerful sales tool, when it’s used the right way. The trick is knowing how to construct your brochures so they actually encourage someone to BUY.

This is what Instant Brochures is all about.

How To Use This Guide

After reading the introduction and background, jump straight in and start going through ‘The 4 Steps To Creating A Great Brochure’.

Each step covers an important aspect of brochures - these are things that you must give careful consideration to. Each step represents the cornerstone of a brochure that stands out and demands to be read.

You might be surprised by how much this exercise reveals about your business. It may get you thinking about important issues that have never crossed your mind. If some of this information is new to you, don’t be concerned - there’s never been a better time to start seeing some real results from your brochures, and your business for that matter.

Make sure you make notes in the spaces provided. When you come to write your first brochure using the new techniques you’ll learn in Instant Brochures, you’ll need to refer back to these scribblings.

Best of all, you’ll find actual templates and examples of brochures that have already proven to be successful. That

means you can combine your new knowledge into a format you can be confident will bring results. You just fill in the gaps.

This is definitely the best part of Instant Brochures, and this section alone will save you a huge amount of time.

Whether you fully understand everything in the following pages or not, you’ll be able to write a brochure that works - we’ve already done the hard work for you. You just add your details and little bit of text and hey presto you have yourself a new brochure that will get results.

Although it may be tempting to leap ahead and just start using the templates now, it’s much better if you read the information first. Not only will you understand why the templates and examples work so well, you’ll be able to create your own unique designs from scratch - it really is much easier than it sounds.

You’ll find heaps of information on how to work out what makes your business special, and how to write down those special points in a way that’s easy to read, and appealing to your customers.

You’ll discover what you need to do to make your brochure appealing to the eye. You’ll find out how and where to get your brochure printed without paying the earth.

And there’s much, much more. Everything my team and I have discovered about writing a successful brochure is here, and you get it all, straight to the point and simple to understand.

Let’s get started ...