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Welcome to Host Beneficiary Relationships, your do-it-yourself guide to using other businesses to boost your profits.

A host beneficiary is when you and another business go into a loose partnership, and help each other make extra profits.

For example, a hairdresser might offer a free stylecut to the database of a beauty salon. The hairdresser gets new clients, the beauty salon gets more customer loyalty - they appreciate the ‘gift’ from the beauty salon owner.

Once you’ve been through this guide, you should know exactly how
to approach other businesses and how to come up with offers that will encourage their database to deal with you. More importantly, you’ll have a selection of host beneficiary ideas to get you started.

This is the next step in your marketing success story. From this point on, you’ll know how to work with other businesses to beef up your bottom line.

How To Use This Guide

After reading the introduction and background, jump straight in and start going through ‘The 7 Steps To Creating Host Beneficiary Relationships’.

Each step covers an important aspect of host beneficiaries - these are things that you must give careful consideration to. Each step represents a cornerstone of a great strategy.

You might be surprised by how much this exercise reveals about your business. It may get you thinking about important issues that have never crossed your mind.

Make sure you make notes in the spaces provided. When you come to write your first few strategies, you’ll need to refer back to these scribblings.

Section 3 contains ideas on writing killer headlines for your letters to businesses and their customers - teasing copy that gets people interested in reading what you have to say.

Section 4 offers a more in-depth explanations of how to come up with good offers - you’ll even find 10 examples to get you started. When it comes to host ben’s, it’s essential that your offer is strong enough to really motivate people.

Section 5 contains examples of powerful strategies, some of which may directly apply to your business.

Lastly, Section 6 brings it all together, with templates of successful host beneficiary strategies. That means you can combine your new knowledge into a format you can be confident will bring results. You just fill in the gaps.

Now, it’s time to get moving - there’s never been a better time to start using host ben’s to your advantage.

Important: A Note About Testing & Measuring

The greatest business people and marketers are not necessarily the smartest or most innovative. Most simply understand the concept of testing and measuring.

When you are testing and measuring, there is no failure (except the failure to record your results and analyse them). Every step brings you one step closer to the right formula, and the right approach.

If you approach your marketing expecting everything to work first time, you’ll be bitter and twisted when you discover it doesn’t. You may give up before you should.

Remember this: marketing has certain rules, but it’s still largely trial and error. You give it your best guess, then find out for sure.

It’s essential that you meticulously record every result. It’s extra work, but you’ll be glad when you have a marketing strategy which you know will produce results. That confidence only comes from testing and measuring.