Why Upgrade to Pro?

More Profit

Take Control

Better Team

Powerful Marketing

Take a look at the PRO Business Builder Program…

If you’re ready to take off, invest in the PRO program. Here are the details:

    • Free DiSC Assessments for your whole team. As Pro member, you are able to do a free DiSC / Motivator assessment for all members of your team, including you! You also have free DiSC assessments for future hiring. This benefit alone will cover the cost of membership!
    • Free Business Valuation. At 6 months as a Pro Member you are eligible for a business valuation and consultation. A valuation can cost thousands of $, but is included with your Pro membership.
    • Be a power reader with book summaries of top business books
      Don’t have time to read books? Book Summaries by Read It For Me are a perfect way to learn
      the basic concepts of books without reading the whole book.
    • Weekly Webinar with other business owners. Every week, you will join us for a weekly webinar on a key business concept, like cash flow, time management, team building and marketing. You can ask questions or offer your experience in the discussion. Can’t make it? The webinars will be recorded and available online. This is a great way to learn new concepts and grow your business.
    • Dive deeper into the Learning System. Our Pro Learning System courses boast over 130 topics, Use them to upskill yourself or team members. Normally, a $49 value per person/per class, but they are all free for Pro members.
    • Widen Your Business Knowledge. ActionCOACH has 1200 coaches in over 80 countries and has a wealth of business material you’ll find useful and challenging. Get your business moving with our 25+ years of experience in business coaching and training.
    • Better Pricing on all online content. As a Business Builder Pro member, you will have great pricing on team analysis, company metrics and other valuable products.

The Business Builder Pro Program is only $99 per month. No contract, change your membership at any time.